Kappy’s Bourbon Tasting

KappysRedOn Sunday (March 10, 2013), the two Grillaz attended the Bourbon tasting event at Kappy’s in Peabody, MA.  As usual, Kappy’s hosted a splendid event with fine Bourbons to taste,  expert guidance on the differences between them, and a group of aficionados to share the experience with.

bottle_bourbon_iconBefore Grillaz gives you an overview of the Bourbons we tasted, let us show you the prize we took home with us: Breaking and Entering. This is a tasty blended bourbon from the artisan distillers St. George Spirits.

We did not taste everything at the event – so many to choose from – but here is what we did try and what we thought:

Breaking & Entering star_small_3star_small_3star_small_3star_small_3
Colonol Taylor star_small_3star_small_3star_small_3star_small_3
Maker’s 46 star_small_3star_small_3star_small_3
Basil Hayden’s star_small_3star_small_3star_small_3
Bakers star_small_3star_small_3star_small_3
Woodford Reserve star_small_3star_small_3star_small_3
Woodford Double Oak star_small_3star_small_3star_small_3
Old Forester star_small_3star_small_3star_small_3 ($26 great for the price)
Knob Creek Single Barrel star_small_3star_small_3
Jim Beam Ghost star_small_3

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