Dalmore 15

dalmore_15_thimbnailGrillaz always enjoy Thanksgiving dinner, even though it does not involve any grilling.  An afternoon feast of fresh turkey with stuffing made with fresh sage, Parker House rolls mopping up gravy that overflowed from garlic mashed potatoes, scalloped corn and broccoli “Bob” (rab), finished with pumpkin and apple pies leave Grillaz in the mood for something special.  What sip could fit in with a menu such as that as an equal and a peer?

This Thanksgiving Grillaz enjoyed a Dalmore 15.  This splendid single malt Scotch has a deep, rich taste with hints of chocolate and raisin amid the flavors of sherry casks, and dovetailed in quite nicely at the end of a hearty, earthy meal.  Sitting by the fireside in a state of blissful relaxation, surrounded by family and friends, the Grillaz sipped this treat late into the evening.  Five stars.

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