Illinois Family Reunion

20130805-144710.jpgGrillaz recently had an opportunity to be the Celebrity Grillers for a family reunion in rural Illinois. The family grew up decades ago as farmers in Southern Illinois – think Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn – and in adulthood most of them migrated to Northern Illinois following industrialized jobs. But the reunion was an unrepentant “get your hill billy on” event, complete with driving antique tractors, shooting at squirrels, and grilling meat.


jones_country_meatsWe placed an order for fresh made bratwurst at the local favorite Jones Country Meats. Knowing our customers, half of or order was their trusty regular brats. For the more adventurous, we grabbed a few Bacon & Cheddar, Chipotle, and Philly brats.</>


20130805-144812.jpgThe brats cooked up spectacularly. Jones is well known for making their brats a little on the lean side, and that held true here. The sausages cooked up flavorful and with out a lot of flare ups to cause burning. Along with a few burgers, side dishes, and an authentic bowl of Great Gramma’s home made, down on the farm banana pudding, everyone feasted country style.

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