Macallan 12 Year Sherry Oak Scotch

macallan_12Grillaz recently tried the Macallan 12 year old Sherry Oak scotch whisky, and it provided us with a mighty fine sippin’ experience. This scotch is aged in Spanish sherry casks for a dozen years. It is deep gold in color, with flavors of vanilla, dried fruit, spice, smoke, and the sherry oak casks. It paired nicely with our baby back ribs and steak tips that we had for our July 4 cookout.

The 12 year old Sherry Oak is what we would call an “accessible” scotch, meaning that it is likely to appeal to those new to scotch in addition to experienced scotch drinkers. Its flavor is not overly complex, and it has light fruit notes, making it appealing to a large audience. For more accomplished scotch drinkers, this remains a fine drink that we would always welcome. We hear that the Macallan 15 year Fine Oak scotch adds a degree of complexity and sophistication by virtue of its longer aging time and the different barrels. That is next on the Grillaz wish list.

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