McClelland’s Highland Scotch

More Highland Scotch Please

mcclellands_highland_scotchWe recently tried McClelland’s Single Malt Highland Scotch Whisky, which is a tasty and enjoyable scotch that is also inexpensive. It has an engaging complexity to its flavors but seems slightly immature when compared to our favorite scotches. McClelland’s Highland Scotch would make a good “starter” for newcomers to scotch tasting or a pleasant change of pace for those more experienced.


McClelland’s Highland Scotch — 2 Comments

  1. I think the Ardbeg was probably my faivtore of the four, though the Highland Park was a close second. I’m also working my way through a bottle of Tallisker right now that’s quite good.

  2. Grillaz enjoys sampling different Scotches. We’ll try some Talisker over the weekend and blog about it. Which variety of Talisker are you sipping?

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