American Craft Beer Fest 2013

Beer Festival

On Saturday (June 1, 2013), Grillaz went to the American Craft Beer Fest at the Seaport World Trade Center in Boston.
acbf-logo-blackThe large venue provided plenty of room for 140+ breweries to set up their booths and display 640+ beers for a multitude of beer fans. We went with the attitude that we wanted to explore beers we had not tried before, and that is basically what we did for three hours. We did occasionally have a taste of one our standard favorite beers – just to calibrate our taste buds. Here are the beers that we really liked, and we gave them 4 or 5 stars.

Oskar Blues Brewary Dales Pale Ale star_small_3star_small_3star_small_3star_small_3star_small_3
Baxter Stowaway IPA star_small_3star_small_3star_small_3star_small_3star_small_3
Ballast Point Sulpin IPA star_small_3star_small_3star_small_3star_small_3star_small_3
Troegs Hop Back Amber Ale star_small_3star_small_3star_small_3star_small_3
Smuttynose Vunderbar Pilsner star_small_3star_small_3star_small_3star_small_3
Jack’s Abbey Hoponious star_small_3star_small_3star_small_3star_small_3
Red Hook IPA star_small_3star_small_3star_small_3star_small_3
Opa Opa IPA star_small_3star_small_3star_small_3star_small_3
Sixpoint Spice of Life
Thomas Hooker Spinster XPA star_small_3star_small_3star_small_3star_small_3
Bentley Brewing Co. Sir Dankly star_small_3star_small_3star_small_3star_small_3
Three Heads The Kind IPA star_small_3star_small_3star_small_3star_small_3

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