Fisherman’s IPA and Ironclad IPA

fisherman_logoFisherman’s Beer is an American craft beer made on Boston’s North Shore. Grillaz, always trying to get to the source of all things that are good, took a trip to the Cape Ann Brewing Company’s brewery in Gloucester, MA, where they make Fisherman’s. This is a delightful brewery situated right on the water.

We sat at the bar and started off with the Fisherman’s IPA, which is on tap year round. This is an outstanding IPA with excellent balance. It is not too hoppy, and it would be a good choice as a “starter” IPA for those who wish to explore this type of beer. We would have preferred it to be a bit hoppier, but it was nonetheless an enjoyable beverage.

The bartender then steered us to the newly available Ironclad IPA, currently on tap. This beer is hoppier than the regular IPA, which is preferred by us, and slightly sweeter. But the striking feature is its citrus flavor. The combination of the hops and citrus resulted in an interesting taste that we enjoyed. But being a little more traditional, we would be more likely to reach for the regular IPA than the Ironclad.

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