Grilled Bob Marley Sausage

bob_marleyon_grill-thumbnailOne of our favorite sausages on Earth is the Bob Marley from Beverly Butcher Shop. It is a Jamaican-themed sausage with a predominant curry flavor plus some magic mix of other spices. We slice off bites and eat them as we take these guys off the grill. Delicious left overs can be added to other recipes, such as omelettes or a “Marley Marinara” with pasta.

1. Grill sausages along the edge of a mild fire for 2 minutes, then flip and grill for another 2 minutes, browning the sausages and leaving some handsome hash marks.

2. Move the sausages from the edge of the coals and grill indirectly until the center reaches 155 F, about 10 minutes.

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